Eastern White Pine
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Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus

  • White Pine - Pinus strobus
  • White Pine - Pinus strobus
  • White Pine - Pinus strobus

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The Eastern White Pine grows in zones 3-8.
The eastern white pine has played a very important role throughout the history of America. In colonial days, the best of the trees were set apart by the king for masts on British ships. Today it is still a valuable commercial tree but also favored in parks and spacious yards—both for its beauty and its fast growth. It has also been named the state tree of both Maine and Michigan.

  • Fast-growing and hardy tree
  • Provides excellent screen and windbreak
  • Transplants easily
  • Will be delivered at a height of 6”-12”

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Mature Spread


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Sun Preference

Full Sun, Partial Shade,

Soil Preference

Acidic, Drought-tolerant, Moist, Well-drained, Wet,

Wildlife Value

Eastern white pine seeds are favored by black bears, rabbits, red squirrels and many birds, especially red crossbills. While potentially damaging to the trees, the bark is eaten by mammals such as beavers, snowshoe hares, porcupines, rabbits and mice. White pines provide nesting sites as well for many birds including woodpeckers, common grackles, mourning doves, chickadees and nuthatches.

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