Norway Spruce

Hardiness Zones: 3 - 7
Average shipping height: 6" - 1'
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  • Bare Root - 6"-1'
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Norway spruce is a familiar sight in much of the United States, but it’s native to Europe. Throughout the globe, this tree is loved as a landscape specimen tree. Its dense branching pattern and tolerance of soil variations has also made it a popular tree for windbreaks. If you have enough space and want to add a sense of formal dignity to your landscape, the Norway spruce will suit you well.

  • Is the fastest growing of the spruces.
  • Features strong, graceful branches with dark green needles
  • Works well for widbreaks
  • Transplants easily
  • Will be delivered at a height of 6"–1' for bare-root; a height of 6”-12” for 1-gallon pot

The Norway Spruce Grows in zones 3 - 7

Your Tree’s Personality



Growth Speed

Medium to Fast

Scientific Name

Picea abies

Mature Height

40' - 60'

Mature Spread

25' - 30'

Shipping Height

6" - 1'

Sun Preference

Full Sun

Soil Preference

Acidic, Clay, Drought, Loamy, Moist, Sandy, Well Drained

Wildlife Value

Norway spruce trees support a wide variety of wildlife. They are important as winter cover for deer and small game including grouse, hare and woodcock. Song birds and fur bearers also frequent these forest types. Norway spruce also makes a good roosting tree for hawks and owls.


The Norway spruce hails from Europe. And while this species does grow in Norway, the name is a bit of a misnomer. This tree grew in Eurasia, the Black Forest and other parts of the continent long before making its way to Norway around 500 B.C.

As people emigrated, they often brought trees with them from the Old Country to plant as ornamentals on new homesteads.

Planting Instructions

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