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Colorado Blue Spruce

Hardiness Zones: 2 - 7
Average shipping height: 1' - 2'
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  • Bare Root - 8"-15"
    Member Price $8.99
    Reg. Price $11.99
  • Bare Root 10-pack
    8" - 15"
    Member Price $49.99
    Reg. Price $59.99
  • Bare Root 1 - 1½'
    Member Price $14.99
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  • Potted - 1 Gallon Container
    1' – 1 1⁄2'
    Member Price $49.99
    Reg. Price $59.99
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One of our most popular ornamental conifers, the Colorado blue spruce is a truly magnificent sight. Its silvery blue-green coloring and perfect Christmas tree shape make this tree a great landscaping focal point on commercial and residential properties. It is also widely used for privacy or a windbreak.

  • Features unique silvery blue-green color year-round
  • Known as a very adaptable evergreen
  • Is deer-resistant, seldom experiencing severe damage
  • Provides privacy and a windbreak when planted in a row



The Colorado Blue Spruce Grows in zones 2 - 7

Your Tree’s Personality



Growth Speed

Slow to Medium

Scientific Name

Picea pungens

Mature Height

50' - 75'

Mature Spread

10' - 20'

Shipping Group


Shipping Height

1' - 2'

Sun Preference

Full Sun

Soil Preference

Acidic, Clay, Drought, Loamy, Moist, Rich, Sandy, Well Drained, Wet

Wildlife Value

This spruce provides food and shelter for siskins, nuthatches and crossbills.


The Colorado blue spruce is such a delight that nature seems to have kept it a well-guarded secret for a very long time. It was not until 1862 that this spectacular species was discovered growing in enchanted meadows and stream sides high up in the Rocky Mountains. Once found, the fame of this blue spruce spread quickly, and today it is one of our most widely planted landscape trees as well as the state tree of Colorado. When writing Handbook on Conifers in 1969, Henry Tuescher, curator emeritus of the Montreal Botanical Garden, called the Colorado blue spruce one of the five finest conifers. Tuescher gave no reasons for this honor except for the tree's exceptional beauty.

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