Frequently Asked Questions

The Trees in Memory card is a 5″x7″ folded card, and the Trees in Celebration certificate is a 7″x5″ certificate. The e-certificate for both the Trees in Memory and Trees in Celebration downloadable versions are 7"x5".

There is not a plaque by your specific tree, but the trees are formally documented on our online tree registry.

We print and ship out cards and certificates within two business days of when you placed the order. They are shipped from Lincoln, Nebraska, via the U.S. Postal Service, and arrival time will depend on the destination.

Typically it is, but please consult a tax professional familiar with your state’s tax laws.

All plantings are completed by contracted professional tree planters and are overseen and assessed by foresters on the grounds.

Our planting partners select and plant trees native to the specific area. Tree species selected will differ from region to region throughout the country.

The trees will be planted at the best suitable planting time for each forest, typically the spring or fall.

Your tree is planted along with thousands of other trees throughout the forest. Per your request, we can provide a map of all the locations planted on the forest this year to give you a sense of the size of the project(s).

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit the forest your trees are planted in. Foresters at the ranger district can guide you to accessible areas where plantings from our Trees in Memory and Trees in Celebration programs are located.

Plant trees in Honor of Friends & Loved Ones