Fiddle Leaf Fig

Hardiness Zones: 2 - 11
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  • Potted - 6 Inch Decor Pot
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The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautiful and popular specimen beloved by plant enthusiasts around the world. Its large, unique leaves and stunning silhouette makes it the perfect statement piece for any room. If properly cared for, this plant can grow up to 10+ feet tall, which provides a bold and elegant presence to your home or office. Native to the tropical rainforests of West Africa, the Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in a warm and humid environment. Water sparingly, but thoroughly, and allow the soil to dry out slightly before repeating. Place in an area with bright, indirect light for the best effect. Overall this tropical tree is well-suited for home living and is also proven effective as a natural air purifier by NASA. *The Fiddle Leaf Fig is considered toxic to cats or dogs if ingested, avoid consumption.

  • Outdoor growing capable in zones 9-11
  • Low maintenance 
  • Unique foliage
  • Elegant houseplant
  • Easily grown in all zone



The Fiddle Leaf Fig Grows in zones 2 - 11

Your Tree’s Personality

Growth Speed

Slow to Medium

Scientific Name

Ficus Iyrata

Mature Spread




Mature Height


Sun Preference

Full Sun, Partial Sun/Shade

Soil Preference

Well Drained


While there isn’t any specific cultural history behind the fiddle leaf fig, in recent years it has become adored by plant enthusiasts around the world. Its striking appearance and its ability to add a touch of elegance to an indoor space has increased its popularity.

Planting Instructions

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