European Beech

Hardiness Zones: 4 - 7
Average shipping height: 2' - 3'
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The European beech has been described by many experts as the finest specimen tree available. It will provide you with unmatched year-round beauty — shimmering green leaves unfurling in the spring, dense shade in the summer, striking autumn foliage, and a pleasing winter silhouette.

  • Offers year-round beauty
  • Is a popular ornamental choice for parks and gardens
  • Produces beechnuts that are an important food for wildlife including wild turkeys, foxes, and porcupines
  • Will be delivered at a height of 2'–3'
The European Beech Grows in zones 4 - 7

Your Tree’s Personality



Growth Speed

Slow to Medium

Scientific Name

Fagus sylvatica

Mature Height

50' - 60'

Mature Spread

35' - 45'

Shipping Height

2' - 3'

Sun Preference

Full Sun

Soil Preference

Acidic, Clay, Drought, Loamy, Moist, Sandy, Well Drained

Wildlife Value

Beechnuts are eaten by birds and mammals, serving as an important food for chipmunks and squirrels.


The European beech tree has an unmatched place in history. The beechnuts were food for prehistoric man and are still consumed today. The wood has been employed for centuries for both fire and furniture in Europe. Historians claim that the first written European literature was inscribed on Beech bark in Sanskrit. The English word 'book" comes from the Anglo-Saxon "boc", a derivative for the Anglo-Saxon "beece" or Beech.

Planting Instructions

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