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Offset Your Carbon Emissions Today

If you already know your carbon emissions levels, you can purchase carbon credits now or calculate below.

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Carbon Offset Donation


1 metric ton[1]

Average Round-Trip Domestic Flight

2 metric tons[2]

Average Round-Trip International Flight

6 metric tons[3]

Average Miles Driven Per Year

50 metric tons[4]

Average U.S. Household Per Year

To calculate your carbon footprint, please choose the:

$ per metric ton of CO2e
Total Carbon Offset Amount

All carbon credit purchases support the Greentrees® Reforestation Project.

To learn more about how verified forestry carbon credits can be a valuable part of your corporate sustainable development plan, please contact our team at [email protected]

[1] Source: UC Berkeley Calculator, based on 2 medium-haul flights

[2] Source: UC Berkeley Calculator, based on 2 long-haul flights

[3] Source: UC Berkeley Calculator, based on 15,000 miles per year, 30 mpg

[4] Source: University of Michigan Center for Sustainable Systems

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