Silver Maple

Hardiness Zones: 3 - 9
Average shipping height: 3' - 4'
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Silver is the right word to describe this maple. With even a light wind, the tree produces a lovely shimmery effect thanks to the silvery undersides of its leaves. The bark, too, is silver in color, particularly when the tree is young. Fast growth has become the name of the game in the world of landscaping, and the silver maple is a champ in this department.

  • Displays green leaves with silvery-white undersides
  • Tolerates a wide range of soils
  • Will be delivered at a height of 3'– 4'

The Silver Maple Grows in zones 3 - 9

Your Tree’s Personality



Growth Speed


Scientific Name

Acer saccharinum

Mature Height

50' - 80'

Mature Spread

35' - 50'

Shipping Height

3' - 4'

Sun Preference

Full Sun, Partial Sun/Shade

Soil Preference

Acidic, Drought, Moist

Wildlife Value

The silver maple’s buds are eaten by squirrels in early spring. It also provides nesting sites for ducks and other birds. Beavers find the trees delicious.


Early settlers in the Ohio Valley found the sap from the silver maple to be superior to other maple trees for sugar quality, but production was too slow for commercial purposes. The trees were a staple in many new towns and homesteads on the frontier because of their rapid growth (for quick shade) and ability to adapt to a variety of soil conditions.

Planting Instructions

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