Frequently Asked Questions

We accept returns on new, unworn items in original packaging within 60 days of purchase. Please contact our member services team at 1-888-448-7337 to set up your return. Returns can be mailed to:

Arbor Day Foundation
Attn: Returns
211 N 12th St
Lincoln, NE 68508

We source our merchandise from a variety of vendors, and we are in the process of working to provide sustainable options when possible. While our vendors do change over time, below is a general list of the origins of most of our products:

  • Twig Colored Pencils: made from recycled wood in Thailand
  • Socks: jacquard/woven socks produced in China
  • Aviators, Tree Line, and Raglan T-Shirt: produced in North America from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton
  • Plant Trees T-Shirt: men’s from USA, women’s from Bangladesh
  • I Plant Trees…You’re Welcome T-Shirt: Egypt
  • Show Some Love T-Shirt: Bangladesh
  • Celebrate Arbor Day T-Shirt: Honduras
  • Trees Make a Difference T-Shirt: Bangladesh
  • Peace, Love, Plant Trees T-Shirt: Egypt
  • Greening the Earth Since 1872 T-Shirt: Egypt
  • Pens: China (100% post-consumer recycled paper barrel, 100% post-consumer recycled plastic trim)
  • Pencils: China
  • Buttons: USA
  • Rulers: USA
  • Stickers: USA
  • Lunch Tote: China
  • Cotton Backpack: Pakistan
  • Polycarb Bottle: China
  • Caps: China
  • 4pk Stickers: USA
  • Totes: China
  • Awareness Bracelets: China

Every apparel item and celebration merchandise item you purchase will plant a tree in a forest of great need.

Standard shipping of products (not including items in our Tree Nursery) is 5-7 business days. To expedite your order, call our member services team at 1-888-448-7337.

International shipping is available for merchandise (not including items in our Tree Nursery). Please call our member services team to set this up. The customer will be responsible for shipping.