Pineapple Pear

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Hardiness Zones: 4 - 9
Average shipping height: 1 3/4' - 3 1/2'
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    This pear tree will make a lovely addition to your backyard orchard. It produces fruit with a unique flavor profile — a combination of pear and pineapple— that is great for fresh eating, cooking, and canning. The tree is also resistant to fire blight.

    • Produces large, russet-colored fruit with a crisp pineapple flavor
    • Ripens in late summer
    • Bears fruit in 2–3 years
    • Blooms early in the spring, with white flowers
    • Self-pollinating
    • Is one of the most fire blight-resistant pear trees
    • Will be delivered in a 1-gallon pot at a height of 1 3/4' - 3 1/2'
    The Pineapple Pear Grows in zones 4 - 9

    Your Tree’s Personality



    Growth Speed


    Scientific Name

    Pyrus communis‘Pineapple’

    Mature Height

    15' - 20'

    Mature Spread

    12' - 15'

    Shipping Height

    1 3/4' - 3 1/2'

    Sun Preference

    Full Sun

    Soil Preference

    Acidic, Loamy, Well Drained

    Planting Instructions

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