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Mahaleb Cherry

Hardiness Zones: 6 - 8
Average shipping height: 2' - 3'
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  • Potted - 5 Gallon Container
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The Mahaleb Cherry is celebrated for its elegant growth, ornamental value, and low-maintenance nature – making it a versatile addition to any orchard or garden.  This tree displays an elegant, upright form with slender branches. It also features delicate white blossoms in the spring, which give way to lush, green foliage that transitions to beautiful shades of yellow and orange in the fall.

  • Primarily grown for ornamental value as fruits produced are small and sour in taste
  • With limited uses for its fruit, it can be cultivated to obtain a spice from the seeds inside the cherry stones
  • Displays clusters of fragrant white flowers –  pollination mainly by bees

Spacing Guide for Fruit Trees

The Mahaleb Cherry Grows in zones 6 - 8

Your Tree’s Personality



Growth Speed


Mature Height

20' - 30'

Shipping Height

2' - 3'

Scientific Name

Prunus mahaleb

Mature Spread

15' - 20'

Sun Preference

Full Sun, Partial Sun/Shade

Soil Preference

Moist, Well Drained

Planting Instructions

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