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Madagascar Palm

Hardiness Zones: 2 - 11
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  • Potted - 6 Inch Decor Pot
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The Madagascar Palm is a truly unique tree native to South Africa and the island of Madagascar. This tree is actually more similar to a cactus or succulent with its spiny trunk, but is topped with long narrow leaves . The Madagascar palm can reach heights up to thirty feet in its natural habitat, but usually grows to around six to eight feet when tended to as a house plant. When in perfect conditions, the madagascar palm produces trumpet shaped white, or pink, flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months. A slow growing tree that requires minimal care, the Madagascar Palm is a nice but easy choice for plant enthusiasts.

  • Grows best in zones 9-11 (outdoors)
  • Easily maintained 
  • Unique foliage
  • Succulent
  • Spring & Summer Blooms


The Madagascar Palm Grows in zones 2 - 11

Your Tree’s Personality

Growth Speed


Scientific Name

Pachypodium lamerei

Mature Height

6' - 8'

Mature Spread

2' - 4'



Sun Preference

Full Sun, Partial Sun/Shade

Soil Preference

Well Drained, Dry, Well Drained


The Madagascar Palm, or Pachypodium lamerei, is native to Madagascar, as its name suggests. It is also found in other parts of Africa, such as Tanzania and Kenya. In its native habitat, the plant is often used for medicinal purposes, such as treating dysentery and fever, as well as for its wood, which is used for construction and furniture making. The plant was introduced to Europe in the 1800s and became popular as an ornamental plant due to its unique and striking appearance. Today, the Madagascar Palm is cultivated all over the world as a decorative plant and is popular among collectors and gardening enthusiasts.

Planting Instructions

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