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Jonagold Apple

Hardiness Zones: 5 - 8
Average shipping height: 3' - 4'
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  • Semi-Dwarf
    Member Price $19.99
    Reg. Price $24.99
  • Potted - 1 Gallon Container
    Member Price $49.99
    Reg. Price $59.99
  • Potted - 5 Gallon Container
    Member Price $89.99
    Reg. Price $119.99
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Tart Jonathon apples and sweet yellow delicious apples were crossed to create this unique Jonagold variety! These apples are large, red, and have both a sweet and sour flavor. They begin bearing fruit 2-5 years after planing and are perfect for baking or eating fresh off the tree. 

  • Comes in semi-dwarf size
  • Yields large, red apples with yellow-green patches and a sour-sweet taste
  • Ripens in mid-September
  • Requires cross-pollination from two different apple trees
  • Can be pollinated with Gala, Yellow Delicious, or Granny Smith

Spacing Guide for Fruit Trees

Apple Tree Cross Pollination Guide

The Jonagold Apple Grows in zones 5 - 8

Your Tree’s Personality



Growth Speed


Shipping Height

3' - 4'

Scientific Name

Malus domestica 'Jonagold'

Mature Height


Mature Spread


Sun Preference

Full Sun

Soil Preference

Loamy, Well Drained

Wildlife Value

Apples are eaten by a variety of birds and mammals. The leaves and branches are browsed. The trees can be destroyed by rodents and rabbits girdling the stem or trunk. It produces nectar and/or pollen, thus providing nutrition for bees in early to late spring.

Planting Instructions

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