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Just like you, we are
passionate about coffee.

And we are equally passionate about the farmers who grow our coffee under the canopy of the rain forest. That’s why we’re raising the bar for the coffee community.

The Heritage Coffee Series is a new line of premium, small-batch coffee originating from producers dedicated to the highest levels of quality and forest sustainability. In return, we are dedicated to ensuring that farm families receive quality pricing — better than fair pricing — for their amazing coffee.

Small Batch No 02

  • Roast: 

  • Flavor Notes: Spice and citrus aroma with notes of brown sugar, a lively yet delicate acidity, and round body

  • Origin: Opalaca, Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras
    Coordinates: 14.0513° N, 88.1232° W

  • Grower: David Benitez

  • Altitude: 1,600 meters

  • Processing: micro-milled, fully washed, hand-sorted, dried gently on raised beds

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Each unique small batch produced will be a limited quantity available for one time only. A tree is also planted for every 12 oz. bag purchased. Be sure to take advantage of this batch of amazing coffee while you can.

Opalaca Honduras

Coffee is life for David Benitez, manager of a 2-acre farm known as
El Liquidambar.

This farm is in the community of Opalaca, and it is home to David and his parents and siblings. In prior years, David’s family sold coffee in cherry to the local middleman. But by working with Catracha Coffee — a local organization dedicated to connecting the Santa Elena coffee growing community with specialty roasters — David has learned to use his own micro-mill so that he can depulp, ferment, and dry his coffee right on the farm. Now the family has the ability to sell their coffee as a micro-lot.

David is a prime example of the next generation of the professional farmer. He has a degree in agroecology and works as high school teacher. When not in the classroom, he is busy applying his knowledge directly to his family’s farm.

Here David only uses homemade organic inputs to manage plant nutrition. He is also conscious of the need for soil conservation and the importance of shade trees. The farm has several different kinds of shade trees including sweetgum, guachipilin, and inga as well as a number of fruit-bearing trees.

While David’s passion for coffee is strong, he has an even stronger dedication to his community. The Benitez family manages a community garden using principles of agroecology — serving their community with year-round vegetable production. And while schools have been closed during the pandemic, David has donated his time to community activities. He provides technical support for dozens of families looking to integrate organic practices into their gardens, and he has helped deliver thousands of trees from the local nursery for reforestation projects throughout Santa Elena.

We hope Small Batch No. 02 provides you with not only a delicious cup of coffee but also but a bit of inspiration
each day.

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