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Just like you, we are
passionate about coffee.

And we are equally passionate about the farmers who grow our coffee under the canopy of the rain forest. That’s why we’re raising the bar for the coffee community.

The Heritage Coffee Series is a new line of premium, small-batch coffee originating from producers dedicated to the highest levels of quality and forest sustainability. In return, we are dedicated to ensuring that farm families receive quality pricing — better than fair pricing — for their amazing coffee.

Small Batch No 03

  • Roast: 

  • Flavor Notes: sweet and earthy aroma | creamy body | delicate, smooth acidity | notes of cocoa, green pepper, herbs, and citrus

  • Origin: The Gayo Highlands, Bebesen District of Aceh Tengah, Sumatra, Indonesia
    Coordinates: 4.62965° N, 96.81502° E

  • Grower: Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative

  • Altitude: 1,200 to 1,500 meters

  • Processing: wet-hulled, sundried on patios

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Each unique small batch produced will be a limited quantity available for one time only. A tree is also planted for every 12 oz. bag purchased. Be sure to take advantage of this batch of amazing coffee while you can.

Gayo Highlands Sumatra Indonesia

On the northern half of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia lies a mountainous region called the Gayo Highlands.

The area is home to lush rain forest, exotic wildlife, and a vibrant shade-grown coffee community led by the Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative. Each bag of Small Batch No. 03 comes from this cooperative, supporting its goal of empowering women through coffee farming and education.

“Coffee is the breath of the people in Gayo. Coffee is everything to us, it’s our existence,” said Ibu Rahmah, Kopepi Ketiara’s founder.

Worldwide, only 20 to 30% of all coffee farmers are female. This imbalance means many women are left out of the opportunity to earn a living and become financially independent.

Ms. Rahmah started Kopepi Ketiara more than 25 years ago with a focus on teaching women how to run their own sustainable coffee practices. She uses her experience as the daughter of a coffee farmer to help fellow farmers thrive. Today, thanks to her commitment, 70% of the organization’s more than 1,000 members are women.

Along with being paid well above market rate for their coffee, each member of Kopepi Ketiara has access to workshops on how to make organic fertilizers, properly maintain their equipment, and rejuvenate their farms. The cooperative even provides them with university scholarships so they can advance their education.

By incentivizing shade-grown coffee farming, Kopepi Ketiara is also helping protect the local rain forest and its endangered wildlife, which includes Sumatran orangutans, elephants, tigers, and rhinoceros.

We’re excited to deliver this delicious and inspiring batch of coffee right to your doorstep.