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Damson Plum

Hardiness Zones: 5 - 7
Average shipping height: 3' - 4'
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  • Bare Root
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  • Potted - 1 Gallon Container
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The Damson plum tree has many traits that make it a fine choice for the homeowner, including a low and compact crown, tolerance to different soils, cold hardiness, resistance to diseases, and the ability to thrive with little or no care. Not to mention the fact that the tart, juicy plums are excellent for home canning.

  • Produces small, dark blue or purple clingstone fruit with golden yellow flesh that is firm and a flavor that can be either sweet or sour
  • Ripens typically from August to early September
  • Blooms later than other Japanese plums, with an abundance of clustered white flowers
  • Bears a heavy crop
  • Is self-fertile, but planting two trees is recommended for a better crop
  • Bare root will be delivered at a height of 3'– 4'
  • 1-gallon container will be delivered at a height of 1 ½' – 2'

Spacing Guide for Fruit Trees

The Damson Plum Grows in zones 5 - 7

Your Tree’s Personality



Growth Speed


Mature Height

10' - 20'

Mature Spread

10' - 20'

Shipping Height

3' - 4'

Scientific Name

Prunus insititia

Sun Preference

Full Sun

Soil Preference

Acidic, Alkaline, Loamy, Moist, Well Drained

Wildlife Value

Plum trees provide food and cover for butterfly larva, birds and mammals.


The damson plum has the distinction of existing virtually unaltered for thousands of years. Its seeds have been found in prehistoric dwellings. It appears in ancient Mesopotamian records and is the plum of the ancient Greek poets. It took its name from Damascus. From there, it was taken to Italy and then to the rest of Europe where it now grows wild and in home orchards.

The strong similarities between wild and domestic trees, and between the descriptions of ancient writers and observations today make this fruit tree noted for its remarkable consistency. The Damson is often grouped with the European plums, but botanists classify it as a separate species. It may be an ancestor of the European plum. Wild plum trees are symbolic of independence. Plum is the national flower of Taiwan, and its flowers are often depicted in Asian art.

Planting Instructions

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