24 Inch Tree Diaper

This smart irrigation system keeps your trees watered all year with minimal effort. Simply install around your tree, cover with mulch, and provide an initial overnight soaking. Then enjoy maintenance-free watering for weeks, months, or even longer.

  • Can function without refilling with as little as 1" of rainwater, snow melt, or sprinkler irrigation per month thanks to water-absorbing pellets
  • Releases water slowly — and only when the ground is dryer than the TreeDiaper
  • Designed for large containers, saplings or small bushes
  • Maximizes water use and can lower water consumption by 50–80%
  • Promotes healthy root growth by providing a bed of hydrated soil 14" deep, encouraging roots to grow outward and establish the tree more quickly
  • Eliminates competing plant and weed growth around the root system with a built-in weed barrier top
  • Protects root system in extreme temperatures
  • Also available in an 18" size for large containers, saplings or small bushes and a 36" size for trees up to 3" caliper
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