Spring Color Collection (5 Trees)

Spring Color Collection (5 Trees)

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The Spring Color Collection (5 Trees) grows in zones 4-8.
Every spring, these graceful trees bud and burst into beauty. The lovely white dogwood offers white with reddish tipped “petals” or bracts; star magnolia welcomes spring with fragrant white, star-shaped flowers; saucer magnolia follows with cup-shaped fragrant flowers, purplish pink on the outside, white with purple center on the inside; redbud emerges with magenta buds opening into rosy pink flowers often with a purplish tinge; and kousa dogwood produces a heavenly array of star-like blooms. All year, these trees will contribute to the landscape with attractive foliage, fruit, shade, fall color, and wildlife habitat.

Hardiness Zone(s): 5–8

Shipping Heights: white dogwood (3'4'), saucer magnolia (1'–2'), star magnolia (1/2'–1'), redbud (3'–4'), kousa dogwood (2'–3')

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