Sargent Crabapple

Sargent Crabapple Malus sargentii

  • Sargent Crabapple - Malus sargentii

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The Sargent Crabapple grows in zones 4-8.
This compact landscape tree is a spring star, with abundant clusters of fragrant white flowers making their appearance in May. Its dense, spreading crown and zigzagging branches add to the appeal, often making the tree wider than it is tall. Because of its size, the Sargent crabapple is useful for planting under utility lines, in confined yards, as privacy screens, and hedges and on sloping ground.

  • Produces fragrant white blossoms in late spring
  • Features a dense, wide-spreading crown with zigzagging branches
  • Transplants easily
  • Will be delivered at a height of 2'–3'


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Sun Preference

Full Sun,

Soil Preference

Acidic, Alkaline, Moist, Rich, Well-drained,

Wildlife Value

The pea-sized fruits make is easy for birds of many species to pluck and swallow. They are especially favored by cedar waxwings, robins, grosbeaks, and mockingbirds. Red-necked pheasant, cottontail rabbit, red fox, and black bear also enjoy the fruit. The tree's dense foliage has the added value of providing protective shelter.


The name of this species comes from the man who introduced it from its native Japan in 1892, C.S. Sargent.

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