Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple Malus domestica

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The Granny Smith Apple grows in zones 5-9.
Sometimes called the best apple to cook and bake with, granny smith apples are tart to sweet fruit with a firm, crisp bite. They keep well, freeze well, and are great for fresh eating, baking, and cooking. They are also one of the few apples that don’t brown quickly once cut.

  • Produces a medium to large green apple with white specks and firm, creamy white flesh
  • Yields ripe fruit typically between August and September
  • Bears fruit in 3–5 years
  • Can be pollinated with red delicious, fuji, red Jonathan, gala, and suncrisp
  • Will be delivered in a 4" pot at a height of 1'–3'

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There really was a Granny Smith. This apple tree originated in Australia, sprouting from apple cores discarded by a Mrs. Smith who discovered this new variety in 1868.

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