Mugo Pine
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Mugo Pine Pinus mugo

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The Mugo Pine grows in zones 3-7.
This tree has become a favorite landscape plant throughout suburban America. Generally planted as an ornamental, the mugo pine has the ability to grow easily in so many places and is smaller in size than most pines. It also has a variety of dwarf cultivars.

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This tree provides cover for mammals and birds.


The name of this tree is confusing, with many sources using the spelling "Mugho." But eminent horticulturist Liberty Hyde Bailey wrote in 1933 that the original scientific naming of the species in 1764 was Mugo, with Mugho being one of its several natural varieties. The mugo pine tree is native in the high mountains of central Europe. There it grows low to the ground in mounds like a creature huddling against the cold winds.

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