Discover the Difference

Our coffee beans are grown in harmony with the rain forest, benefitting from the shade protection and natural nutrients of the forest and taking longer to mature than sun-grown beans. In addition, Arbor Day Coffee is typically grown above 1200 meters at higher elevations, adding to the quality of the coffee. All of this results in a richer and fuller taste.

Shade-grown coffee

Sun-grown coffee

To deepen the flavor even more and bring out the nuances of each bean, the coffee is drum roasted. This method allows us to control heat and airflow to ensure the perfect roast every time.

But this coffee carries the Arbor Day name. It’s about so much more than great taste.

Preserving Rain Forests and Providing Habitat

Coffee plants thrive amid the rain forest trees. And by preserving existing rain forest and planting more trees there, coffee farmers are providing habitat for the rare and wonderful animals and plants that rely on this ecosystem.

Promoting A Better Alternative to Sun-Grown Coffee

Much of the coffee on the market is grown under the sun. Around 40 years ago — as the coffee industry really started to grow — farmers were paid on a per-pound basis regardless of the quality of their coffee. In order to increase yield and productivity, the farmers used a traditional practice of clear-cutting areas of rain forest to make way for an easier, cheaper method of growing coffee in the sun. The farmers experience a short-term gain with this approach. However, after just a few years, that ground becomes infertile and more rain forest is inevitably cut down.

Through our coffee program, we are able to work with farmers to help them earn a higher wage for higher-quality coffee grown amid the rain forest. We also help them implement more responsible, rain forest-friendly coffee production practices.

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