See the Impact

While it has an amazing flavor and aroma, Arbor Day Foundation Coffee is about more than taste. These beans are saving the rain forest and changing lives. The Arbor Day Foundation has helped preserve over 2 billion square feet of rain forest.

You see, much of the coffee on the market is grown under the sun. Around 40 years ago as the coffee industry really started to grow, farmers were paid on a per pound basis regardless of the quality of their coffee. In order to increase yield and productivity, the farmers used a traditional practice of clear-cutting areas of rain forest to make way for an easier, cheaper method of growing coffee in the sun. The farmers experience a short-term gain with this approach, however, after just a few years, that ground becomes infertile, and more rain forest is inevitably cut down.

Shade-loving coffee plants, on the other hand, thrive under the canopy—essentially saving an entire ecosystem including plant life, trees, birds, insects and mammals. Responsible shade-grown farming practices also:

  • Maintain soil fertility
  • Help prevent landslides and flash flooding
  • Provide additional habitat for rain forest animals
  • Eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers
  • Protect local water supplies from contamination
  • Higher quality of coffee

Beyond saving the trees, drinking Arbor Day Foundation Coffee helps improve the lives of the farmers who grow it. Because shade-grown coffee beans are a higher quality, the Arbor Day Foundation can pay a higher price for the coffee allowing each farmer to earn additional income. In turn, they use a portion of the earnings to provide access to healthcare and education as well as improve the infrastructure of their communities.

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