Arbor Day: the Holiday that Makes a Difference Video

Created for elementary and middle school age youth, this educational video provides an entertaining and motivational look at Arbor Day and the importance of trees.

Total running time: 18 minutes, 47 seconds; Closed captioned. Format: VHS tape
Discover the Arbor Day story of a young man named J. Sterling Morton and his vision of transforming the barren Midwestern prairie into a land blessed with trees - trees for shade food, fuel, building materials, and beauty. Through Morton"s leadership the Arbor Day holiday was born. From the first Arbor Day in 1872, the holiday spread to every state in the nation, and other countries adopted Arbor Day or started their own tree-planting holiday.

Straight from the home of Arbor Day, forestry experts and kids talk about the benefits of tree planting and the impact trees have on the environment and our lives. This fascinating look at "the holiday that makes a difference" offers inspiring examples of young people who are keeping the Arbor Day tradition alive by planting and caring for trees in their communities.

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