Rainforest Rescue Chocolate

Rain Forest Rescue Chocolate

Our Rain Forest Rescue Chocolate is made from cacao beans organically grown under the canopy of Ecuador's rain forest. This delicious, shade-grown treat not only provides economic incentives for family farmers to protect their ancestral rain forests but also ensures a fair living wage and access to healthcare and education.

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$39.95 (12 bar package)


$39.95 (12 bar package)

Through 57 conservation projects in 7 different Latin American countries, we're preserving irreplacable rain forests, replanting critical areas, and providing vital support to native farm communities.
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Did You Know?

Scientists have identified 3,000 plants as having anti-cancer properties, and 70% of them are found only in the rain forest. Many rain forest plants provide today's medicines, and many more that are yet to be tested for their medical value.
Rain forests provide the most diverse natural habitat on the planet. They are home to over 200,000 species of plants, and a majority of the 9,672 species of birds on earth, including hummingbirds, parrots, toucans, cuckoos, tanagers, and finches.
Nearly 90% of the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty worldwide depend on forests for their livelihoods.
The Nature Conservancy